Vision Rehabilitation

With our comprehensive post-concussion assessments, we can develop a specialized plan to help you reach your goals. Treatment can include glasses and/or prism, filters, personalized at-home vision therapy, and in-office vision rehabilitation.

Our goal is to decrease post-concussion symptoms of mental fogginess, dizziness, and headaches. This treatment is designed to improve visual pathways in your brain using the fundamentals of neuroplasticity. This therapy allows the visual system to run more efficiently and automatically. When the system runs smoothly, you will feel like your eyes are working for you.

Brain pic.jpg

Concussion Symptoms: 

- double vision

- blurred vision / fluctuating vision

- Headaches 

- dizziness

- sensitivity to bright lights

- poor reading comprehension


70% of brain pathways are related to vision.

Listen to this TED talk about how pathways are stretched during concussion and whiplash injuries.